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Fight Summer Slide

Season 1, Episode 19

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We’re right on the edge of summer, which is exciting! But did you know research shows that students can lose two to three months of learning while they’re away from the classroom? It’s called Summer Slide. Keep your children busy, and keep their skills sharp, with these everyday activities to help us all fight summer slide.


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RESOURCES and LINKS from this episode

You can sign up for the St. Charles City County Library Summer Reading Program beginning May 20.

Keep math skills sharp by participating in the Missouri Summer Math Challenge. Beginning June 17 students can earn badges for mastering math concepts and earn a certificate to celebrate their accomplishments when the challenge ends on July 26.

8 fun summer math activities Mix and match these 8 activities to create a math-filled summer for you and your family and halt the math summer slide.

1. Read a math story Kill two birds with one stone and combine math with reading to improve both numeracy and literacy skills.  Amazon has a great selection of math stories or camp out in the kids science book section of your local bookstore for an hour.

2. Play a game Math games come in all shapes and sizes, so choose your favorite. Choose from my top Amazon preschool choices or have a look at this bumper pack of inexpensive printable math board games

3. Play cards Traditional card games are full of logic and arithmetic. Math 4 Love presents Triangle, a card game especially designed to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

4. Bake Younger children can practice number recognition and counting and your older ones can scale up or scale down recipes, for a tasty mathematical distraction.

5. Plan a trip Use Google maps to help you and your child investigate journey distances and travel times to make sure your family arrives at that important destination on time!

6. Watch sports Baseball, soccer, hockey.  Sports are full of statistics. Grab a piece of paper and see if you and your child can calculate along with the experts.

7. Play Live Online Math Games Registered players on Calculation Nation, can practice fractions, factors and many other math topics against other students online, using this website run by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

8. Set up a Lemonade Stand Help your child run a drink stand to help boost mathematical, ingredient measuring and money management skills.