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Not Your parents’ Library

Season 1, Episode 16

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When your child tells you it’s library day, what do you think of? What if your 7th or 11th grader talks to you about the school library, what do you imagine? Flint Hill Elementary’s Julie Jamieson, the district library/media curriculum coordinator, and West High’s Shannon Grieshaber sit down to help us better understand all the action going on in our libraries.


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RESOURCES and LINKS from this episode

Flint Hill Elementary Library (Twitter @FHELMC)

West High library (Twitter @fzwestlibrary) You’ll find Ms. Grieshaber’s book reviews here, too.

The Four Cs for 21st Century Learning are: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity, offers a quick overview of what these skills look like and how that relates to research, presentations and using technology … all work that happens in the Library/Media Center. Watch the video.

What is Summer Slide? It is the amount of knowledge lost in the space between school years, when skills might not be practiced as regularly as when school is in session. Keep your child reading with titles from these lists, selected annually by the Missouri Association of School Librarians.